Tapes for the footwear in Dorno

The best tapes for the footwear?

Ederplast has been producing and selling tapes in Donro for 50 years. Our company offers a complete range of adhesive tapes and double-sides tapes for footwear and leather sectors, able to satisfy specific production needs of the shoe or the leather product: bags, belts, clothing. The characteristics of the ribbons meet the various needs of reinforcement, tear resistance, protection, coverage of seams.
The proposed range of tapes for footwear in Dorno includes:

  • tapes with cotton support, nylon, polyester for reinforcement of uppers, belts, bands, slats, eyelets, pipette tips.
  • paper adhesive tapes for the protection of fine and medium-fine leathers during the spraying of dyes or glues
  • double-sided TNT tapes, nylon, cotton for different combinations.

The proposed prices are the most competitive that can be found on the market: all this combined with the high quality of produced and distributed tapes are the main reasons for the success of Ederplast.

To get all the necessary information about the tapes for footwear in Dorno fill in the contact form in the contact section and an Ederplast expert will answer shortly providing all the necessary information. The staff is very attentive to customers' needs and always provides a service of assistance and support that receives respect and success.