Dielectric adhesive tapes in Dorno


For the electricity industry, the electromechanical use in general and the automotive sector, Ederplast Tapes produces dielectric adhesive tapes in Dorno, with various supports and different characteristics of resistance to isolation and temperature.

Our dielectric adhesive tapes in Dorno dielectric are mainly used: 

  • in wiring
  • in the bandage of copper coils and cable terminals
  • in the bandage of steam conductors
  • for the winding of the condensers 
  • for the isolation of various kinds of welding
  • for the insulation phase of electric motors 
  • for the protection of power cables

The range includes adhesive tapes with supports: 

  • PVC 
  • polyester 
  • Polyester + TNT 
  • Polyester + nomex 
  • polyester glass 
  • glass fibre 
  • aluminium + PET

Our range of adhesive tapes for wiring and automotive industry includes:

  • tapes with viscose support for bandages of cables or cable terminals 
  • tapes with felt support, useful in car engines for the noise reduction

The range of dielectric Ederplast provides, according to different characteristics, a variety of resistances. The tapes are also present with supports of various sizes and measures.

Due to the high variety of choices offered it is crucial to consult a professional to be able to make the right choice at the best time. Facing with a member of the Ederplast team means to have the most comprehensive and accurate advice that you could have.